NUO Tea Culture

NUO Tea Culture

A tea tradition to be treasured

At NUO, we see ourselves as the privileged custodians of the rich Chinese culture. And one of the greatest facets of our history and heritage is tea. That’s why it takes centre stage in our spectacular hotels.

At Yuan Tea House in NUO hotels, guests can savour splendid teas from our sprawling plantations. With décor inspired by traditional Chinese culture seamlessly blended with modern touches, it’s a serene setting for sampling our signature teas.

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NUO Tea Plantations

We are so committed to creating delightful teas that we traversed the tea-growing regions of our breathtaking country, from the Wuyi Mountain in Fujian Province to the West Lake of Hangzhou, to source the highest quality leaves. 

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NUO Tea Pots

Every detail at NUO is expertly designed and crafted to elevate our guests’ experience. That’s why we commissioned a talented and distinguished artist and used the finest clay in China to create our customised collection of contemporary teapots.

So, our guests can experience the ritual of tea using leaves from our plantations brewed in these unique teapots.

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NUO Tea Journey

We have artfully incorporated tea into every element of the NUO experience, including our revitalising and rejuvenating spa.

Our signature Tea Journey treatment uses Wuyi Rock Tea originating from NUO’s own plantations high in the picturesque Wuyi Mountains. Known for smoothing, calming and cleansing the skin, this is the ultimate treatment for body, mind and soul.