Indulge your senses

Indulge your senses

We’ve created an enticing ambience that will stir, soothe and stimulate every one of your senses. From culinary delights to invigorate your palate and art that will excite your eyes, to musical compositions and bespoke fragrances... this is indulgence for body, mind and soul.

NUO Sights

Immerse yourself in a carefully curated collection of astounding artworks. Let your eyes drift away and delight in iconic sculptures, grand oil paintings and dramatic installations from eminent artists. Our elaborate hotels provide the ideal backdrop for these stunning works of genius, giving you your own exclusive gallery experience. Here you can appreciate rich Chinese art and culture at its best.


NUO Sounds

We believe music creates a unique atmosphere for our guests and, with the profound power to relax, inspire and exhilarate, it can enrich every element of your experience. With the help of distinguished composers and musicians, we have created our own NUO sound, a majestic musical masterpiece.

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NUO Tastes

Let us take you on a momentous gastronomic journey and provide a veritable feast for your eyes and your tastebuds. Whether it’s intimate private dining or a grandiose buffet banquet, our mouthwatering cuisine is a fusion of fine ingredients, delectable flavours and innovative ideas, all crafted by visionary chefs.

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NUO Smells

We are so passionate about the power of scent to evoke the true spirit of our hotels that we developed our own signature scent. Fresh, distinctive and timeless, it perfectly encapsulates our many layers of refinement. Created by world-famous perfumer Christophe Laudamiel, it takes inspiration from nature and, like our hotels, is the essence of elegance and exclusivity.

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NUO Touches

Envelop yourself in soft, sumptuous and delicate fabrics, from luxurious robes to the finest bed linens. And at our tranquil spa you can revel in treatments designed to boost, nourish, heal and harmonise. Your body and mind will be revitalised through the transformative power of touch.

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Exquisite style, exceptional facilities, enchanting cuisine, enthralling destinations… find out more about the heritage and philosophy of NUO and the unforgettable experiences we offer our esteemed guests.

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