Our guiding philosophy

Our guiding philosophy

We are eternally proud of our Chinese heritage and culture. But we are also firmly rooted in the magnificent contemporary world, with style, luxury and a passion for our environment integral to our ethos.


The history and traditions of China are nothing short of fascinating, uplifting and inspiring.

As a homegrown hotelier created in this charismatic corner of the world, we’re dedicated to sharing and celebrating our roots with our guests – for an Eastern experience that is a fresh alternative to Western brands.

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Our hotels have refined opulence at their heart. Every exquisite detail is impeccably designed to enchant and entice our guests into a world of unparalleled sophistication and distinction.

From elaborate furnishings and impressive facilities to exceptional cuisine and outstanding artworks, you’ll be inspired and indulged in equal measure. 

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While endlessly influenced by the great Chinese traditions of the dynasties that have gone before, we also exude modern elegance.

We channel the classic but seamlessly blend it with the contemporary in a considered, thoughtful and respectful way. The result is a celebration of our culture that shines with innovation, imagination and aspiration.

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Preserving and cultivating the extraordinary world around us is one of our abiding commitments.

We pride ourselves on being a low-carbon smart brand and strive to offer guests the most environmentally friendly options – so they can enjoy a stay that is sustainable but uncompromisingly luxurious. From reducing emissions to investing in green infrastructure, we’re helping secure a bright future.

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Experience infinite indulgence

A stay where every one of your senses will be stimulated, NUO offers a level of opulence, splendour and serenity unlike anywhere else in the world.

Experience the Five Senses

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